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Relationships are not easy. Most of our clients at some point will need some help on how to manage difficult encounters with others - especially given how the recent events in the world have put a heavy strain on relationships. And it can be very valuable as a coach - whether or not you are making it your niche - to have some training and tools on how to approach this sensitive yet fascinating field. The tools cover in this course will give you the confidence you need to help your clients move forward in their relationships.

Introduction our Relationship Coaching Diploma

An ICF accredited course taught by a Master Coach and Relationship expert: Discover the best tools to coach your clients on their relationships


Is this course for you?

If you struggle to find more clients ; if you are passionate about helping others improve their relationships ; if you are looking for one of the best niches to attract more clients ; If you would like to receive an ICF accredited training by an expert in relationships - THEN this course is for you.


12h ICF CCEU's credit

This course is accredited by the ICF and contributes to your accreditation or renewal. By completing the course you get 12h of ICF CCEU towards accreditation or renewal and an official diploma

Comprehensive learning

Discover the most advanced relationship coaching tools out there taught by an ICF accredited Master Coach and expert in relationships. This course not only covers the fundamental of coaching, but also offers in depth understanding of relationships coaching tools and insight into the psychology of relationships

Live demo

Live coaching demo from an ICF accredited Master Coach with live Q&A sessions to enhance your learning (Included in Silver package) and Private mentoring/supervision sessions with your instructor (included in Gold package)


This course is divided in six modules covering the following topics:

Module 1: defining your role

In this section we will explore what your role is as a coach and the difference between coaching and therapy. We will also clarify what are the essential boundaries to put into place. 

Included: ICF general coaching skills and Core Competencies training.

Module 2: Working with individuals

In this section we explore how to work in one-to-one sessions with clients looking for a relationship or those looking for help with their existing relationships.

Module 3: Working with couples

In this section we are going to explore how to work in a session with a couple: the specific coaching techniques, the ground rules and necessary boundaries to put into place. 

Module 4: communication skills

This module covers a wide range of communication skills, from NLP to CBT, transactional analysis, Non-Violent communication and the 5 love languages

Included: NLP presuppositions, Representational Systems, Language skills, TA ego states, drama triangle, life positions, love languages, non-violent communication, general communication issues and skills

Module 5: Psychological background

This module explores the psychology behind relationships, especially around codependency and counter-dependency issues as well as attachment theories based on the work of John Bowlby

Included: working with codependency, with counter-dependency and exploring the 3 different couple dynamics: codependent with codependent, codependent with counter-dependent, 2 counter-dependent together

Module 6: Practical tips

This final section explores how we apply all those tools in our sessions and we also spend time learning the best ways to find clients. You'll learn practical and effective ways to build a successful practice

Hi, I'm Peggy Guglielmino

I'm passionate with sharing the tools that have changed my life and my relationships. Being a master coach and a therapist, for the past 14 years I've had the opportunity to help hundreds of people with those same techniques - and it works! I can't wait to share it with you and help your clients make a difference in their own lives as well!


"I love the fact that this is being taught by a Master Coach who embodies all the skills and ethical standards promoted by the ICF. (I'm a PCC with the ICF but I hadn't come across her before) I also love her presentation style. She is very easy to listen to, very interesting and very clear. I also love the fact that she is offering information and inviting participants to think the issues through for themselves, rather than delivering a straightforward training programme. I have learnt so much just in one afternoon! I thought I was a fairly experienced coach (and I've done some relationship coaching with existing clients) but she is helping to consolidate what I will be offering as a relationship coach, as well as giving me new food for thought. I am so delighted I found this course - I came across it rather by accident, but it was absolutely what I was looking for. "

Tina, life coach

"What I liked the most about the course was the clarity I got between a relationship counselor and a relationship coach. And also understanding the psychology that makes us behave the way we do. My highlight was the effective methods listed in finding clients. Thanks for helping me create a path in my career and improving my relationship"

Thrine Bess

"I loved this course. I've always wanted to coach my clients on their relationships issues but I didn't really have the tools apart from the general coaching ones I had learnt previously. But in this course I've discovered some concrete models that I've since shared with my clients and they LOVED it! I feel much more confident and empowered to explore that niche. Peggy is very engaging and the live webinars and demo were fantastic, I learnt a lot. I really like the combination of online learning and direct interaction. I really recommend this course if you want to grow as a coach. "

Transformational life coach

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Access to the online videos

Ability to ask questions on the forum






Access to the online videos

Ability to ask questions on the forum

3 live Q&A (supervision) sessions with your instructor

ICF accredited diploma with 12 CCEU's 





Access to the online videos

Ability to ask questions on the forum

3 live Q&A (supervision) sessions with your instructor

3 live private supervision sessions with your instructor (worth £360)

ICF accredited diploma with 12 CCEU's 


Frequently Asked Questions

You have a lifetime access to the content and the private facebook group, so you can regularly revisit the course modules at your own convenience. 

Each section ends with a little assessment to monitor your learning. When you successfully complete the assessment, you'll directly have access to the next module of the course.

Each lessons contains a few videos covering in depth each topic relevant for that module. You will also find some handouts and practical downloadable exercises to reinforce your learning

The live Q&A calls take place online in a small group setting with your instructor. You will have the opportunity to ask directly your questions to your trainer and get mentoring as well. Some Q&A sessions include some short live demonstration of Peggy coaching someone in the group. You have access to the 3 Q&A sessions within 6 months from the moment you register to the first session. 

Sometimes you experience some specific situations with clients that require the help of an experienced coach. Those private sessions allow you to have the undivided attention of your trainer who can guide you in your work with your own clients. In this package you'll have 3 private mentoring sessions with Peggy

If you decide that you would like more support from your instructor, then you can always purchase separately some bundles Q&A sessions or private supervision or coaching directly with Peggy

Do you have a calling to help other people find happiness in their relationships?

Fast forward a year from different could your life be? how successful could you become?

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