Relationship Coaching Diploma

Discover the best tools to coach your clients on their relationship


12h ICF CCEU's credit

By completing the course you get 12h of ICF CCEU towards accreditation or renewal

Comprehensive learning

Discover the most advanced relationship coaching tools out there

Live demo

Live coaching demo from a Master Coach with live Q&A sessions to enhance your learning

"I loved this course. I've always wanted to coach my clients on their relationships issues but I didn't really have the tools apart from the general coaching ones I had learnt previously. But in this course I've discovered some concrete models that I've since shared with my clients and they LOVED it! I feel much more confident and empowered to explore that niche. Peggy is very engaging and the live webinars and demo were fantastic, I learnt a lot. I really like the combination of online learning and direct interaction. I really recommend this course if you want to grow as a coach. "

Jennifer Southany
Transformational life coach

Coaching Mastery

Relationships are not easy. Most of our clients at some point will need some help on how to manage difficult encounters with others, and it can be very valuable as a coach - whether or not you are making it your niche - to have some training and tools on how to approach this sensitive yet fascinating field. The tools cover in this course will give you the confidence you need to help your clients move forward in their relationships.


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